q2xp beta 2

  • massive bug fixes
  • added the experimental ability to run on intel cards – create shortcut “quake2xp.exe +r_allowIntel 1″
  • unit2 relight
  • To remove demos change default.cfg in q2xp0.pkx – find // DEMO STUFF and change lines below to

alias d1 “demomap idlog.cin ; set nextserver d2″
alias d2 “menu_main ; set nextserver d1″

download binaries here

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q2xp 1.26.3 BETA release

About release:

  • New render path with full dynamic lighting-shadowing (aka doom3)
  • Three render types – old lightmaping, old lightmaps with dynamic ppl light, full per pixel lighting-shadowing (required relight file)
  • In game light editor can create sphere, ellipse and cone lights with cubemap light filters (optional)
  • Shader gamma ramp (brightness, contrast, saturation)
  • Adaptive vertical sync
  • More adds and fixes

Release contain only unit1 relight (base1-2-3-train)

  1. Update q2xp0.pkx from here
  2. Download and unpak last binaries 
  3. Remove your config and q2xp cache pack
  4. Play it
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All screenshots and video from future q2xp 1.26.3

Wait for updates!

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Site Under Construction


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