q2xp 1.26.7 release

Remove winXP and Vista support
OpenGL 4.5 video card required – AMD RX series or NVIDIA 6XX

  • Ground Zero relight and hi-res lightmaps
  • Autobump for old low-res textures
  • Light projectors
  • Chromatic abberation for bloom
  • New water shader
  • New skin shader
  • Select a monitor to run the game (win32)
  • Borderless window (win32)
  • Nvidia API and AMD OverdriveN support (advanced video card info, windows only)
  • New film filter shader. Technicolor or sepia mode, advanced noise, scratches and vignette
  • Menu update
  • Update loading screen shader
  • Update cinematic shader
  • xBox360 – One controller support (win32)
  • Desktop resolution mode for Linux
  • Perspective correction for hi-fov values
  • Room size autodetection for EFX reverberations
  • Fix SSAO
  • Fix medic AI
  • Fix weapon hit accuracy
  • Add steam launcher (+ additional launcher with graphic interface by Totally_Lost AKA Spilt_Blood)

Download here

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