Quake2xp 1.26.5 release now

New features:
* BDRF lighting model for world
* Better alias model lighting and skin shader
* Specular lighting for hud digits and menu tags
* Better texture compression for dx11 class cards
* Turbo shadows for alias models
* Update screen blend
* Engine rewritten to opengl 3.3 and glsl 150. Requried GL_ARB_explicit_attrib_location, GL_ARB_explicit_uniform_location, GL_ARB_separate_shader_objects, GL_ARB_shading_language_420pack
* Intel HD graphic support
* Better SLI support (+70% on 690gtx)
* Improved overall performance
* Limited win xp support (mark as deprecated)
* Complete xatrix relight
* Ingame flashlight
* Improved monsters blood effects
* Add footsteps for more monsters

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New year – new features

Specular phong lighting for hud digits

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update 1

Sourceforge update

  • Cleanup and some shader fixes for AMD cards (thx to Berserker)
  • Add particles to reflection pass

Update q2xp0.pkx and win32 release archive

This update include in to Mod DB release

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quake2xp 1.26.4 is now available!

What’s new?

  • screen space local reflections for water & slime
  • screen space ambient occlusion
  • motion blur
  • radiosity normal mapping with high resolution lightmaps (vanilla Q2 & Reckoning)
  • fake sub-surface scattering for monster skin
  • complete vanilla Q2 relight
  • static VBO-IBO optimizations
  • improved light editor

Download win binaries here, and update media here for vanilla &  Xatrix . Linux path not tested (sorry)

Other notes:

  • Use clean install, don’t use old Q2XP paks or game config!!!
  • Win8 users with Creative Audigy or X-Fi cards should use software OpenAL audio device (select in options menu)
  • New build is very hard for video cards. Use geforce 660Ti or higher class cards with 2GB VRam (for 1080p with max engine settings).
  • Engine can work in simple mode (radiosity normal mapping + dynamic & styled lights only). For this mode set lightmap & specular multipliers to 1.0 (r_lightmapScale & r_ambientSpecularScale cvars correspondingly). For PPL mode, set to 0.5 & 0.3.
  • The Reckoning has new lightmaps only, no retexture or relight.
  • SSAO crush after video restart. Restart engine for fix.
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Reflective water surfaces (Screen Space Local Reflection tech)

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Some re-light shots

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about new release

Temporarily delayed because level relight do myself, “one person”.
Add – motion blur, cone step parallax, volumetic fog, relight ~90% of levels
and forgot something, real life is very tense, hehehe
Forgive me or kill this or that bastard?

some videos

realtime lava surfaces shading

motion blur

updated depth of field autofocus

888 – hail happy holocaust q2dm3 deathmatch

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Quake2xp 1.26.3 beta 3 release

  • Add materials for grass and rocks textures
  • Dof autofocus
  • Bloom use simple tonemap algoritm
  • Cleanup and optimize some stages
  • Fix linux path
  • Fix msaa an remove csaa modes
  • Update fxaa to v3.11 (recommend for usage)

update windows binaries here
update q2xp pak here
For linux users – update relight and glsl shaders from snv repository

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q2xp beta 2

  • massive bug fixes
  • added the experimental ability to run on intel cards – create shortcut “quake2xp.exe +r_allowIntel 1″
  • unit2 relight
  • To remove demos change default.cfg in q2xp0.pkx – find // DEMO STUFF and change lines below to

alias d1 “demomap idlog.cin ; set nextserver d2″
alias d2 “menu_main ; set nextserver d1″

download binaries here

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q2xp 1.26.3 BETA release

About release:

  • New render path with full dynamic lighting-shadowing (aka doom3)
  • Three render types – old lightmaping, old lightmaps with dynamic ppl light, full per pixel lighting-shadowing (required relight file)
  • In game light editor can create sphere, ellipse and cone lights with cubemap light filters (optional)
  • Shader gamma ramp (brightness, contrast, saturation)
  • Adaptive vertical sync
  • More adds and fixes

Release contain only unit1 relight (base1-2-3-train)

  1. Update q2xp0.pkx from here
  2. Download and unpak last binaries 
  3. Remove your config and q2xp cache pack
  4. Play it
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